Art Of Murder Cards Of Destiny - PC (2010) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD STEAM KEY

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A lethal game of cards!

A vicious serial killer leaves a trail of blood across America. He butchers his victims and leaves a card at the crime scene as his signature trademark. But he wants more! He triggers a psychotic face-off with the Federal Agent Nicole Bonnet, whose area of expertise is serial killers. After observing her for years, the time has come to challenge her. So far, he is always one step ahead of Nicole...

- Classic point and click adventure game.
- Tense plot and surprising turning points.
- The psychopath is closer than you think! Always a step ahead, he’s watching you follow his bloody trail.
- Clues are hidden in dangerous and macabre places. Can you find and decrypt them as you tighten the noose around the killer’s neck?
- Chase the serial killer across many different Federal States, such as Louisiana, Maine and New York.