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Slash It Ultimate is a colorful rhythm arcade game that uses a mix of 2D and 3D play styles.
The goal of the game is to play the rhythm of a song through various game modes and compete with other players!

The game will feature:

  • 15 songs
  • 7 game modes
  • 2 difficulty levels for each mode
  • 800+ leaderboards, show your skill and compete with others, see your ranks among your friends or global!
  • 500+ challenging achievements

Game Modes:

Arrows Mode - use keyboard arrow keys to slash trough the beat of the gameMouse Mode - use your fast reflexes to catch the beat with your mouse
Numbers Mode - challenge your number typing speed with different twists
Cube Mode - collect the beat, avoid obstacles and fight against the camera view as it changes
Space Mode - just press the space key, when the beat reaches the middle of the screen
Words Mode - challenge your word typing speed, the faster you type the more you need to handle
Alphabet Mode - challenge your letter typing speed with different twists
Mouse Mode - collect the beats with your mouse, are you fast enough?

Additional Info:

All game modes have their own unique visual effectsEvery mode is challenging
A lot of playtime
There will be options to play in other languages for Alphabet and Words game Modes (English,German,Korean,Russian,Chinese,Japanese,French,Spanish,Portuguese-Brazilian,Ukrainian,Turkish,Polish... and more to come)
Game will be updated with new songs monthly

Three different leaderboard displays:
  • friends only leaderboards - view all your Steam friends progress compared to your own
  • global leaderboards - view the world's top 20 players for each leaderboard
  • personal leaderboards - view your own current ranking among other players

Featured Songs

  • Janji ft. Johnninh - Heroes Tonight
  • Janji - Horizon
  • Janji ft. TR - Milky Way Stars
  • A Himitsu - Cease
  • A Himitsu - Stories
  • A Himitsu - Lost Within
  • Elexive - Beach Buggy Ride
  • Elexive - Bloody Pumpkin
  • Indigo - Hope
  • JOA Mabeha - Skyward
  • Niki Kofman - Maelstrom
  • Niki Kofman - Tropicom
  • Quasar Music - Madness
  • Rolipso - Jumble
  • Whithe - Garcion