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Soundpool EDM Discharge (RRP $14.99) MAGIX KEY

Not a physical copy this is a MAGIX key to be redeemed on the Magix website

The redemption deadline is December 31, 2020, 6:59:59 PM PST


"Discharge" by MAGIX will transport you to the raves and parties of the 90s and 00s.
This exciting and original collection of samples evokes a time when electronic dance music was in its infancy while retaining all the sparky energy and full-on vibes that define EDM today.

Turn it on. Turn it up. Freak out. This EDM tune follows the tracks laid down by artists like Tiesto and it does the job of getting crowds moving with its snapping claps, synths full of raging party and rolling basslines. When the didgeridoo kicks in, there's no holding back.

EDM had its roots in European rave culture before exploding on to the US scene in the 2000s. Today, internationally-acclaimed artists like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Hardwell, Steve Aoki, and Afro Jack continue to inspire fans with new tracks.

Add supersaw pop chords, sirens, pitched sequences and more to your own tracks with "Discharge", a precisely crafted collection of outstanding samples.

Package contains 589 Loops* in 130 BPM.

  • 56 bass loops (8 loops in 7 pitches)
  • 86 drums loops (6 kits with variations)
  • 84 FX loops (12 loops in 7 pitches)
  • 9 FX loops (in universal pitch)
  • 28 pad loops (4 loops in 7 pitches)
  • 5 percussion loops (in universal pitch)
  • 112 sequence loops (16 loops in 7 pitches)
  • 210 synth loops (30 loops in 7 pitches)
  • Soundpools from MAGIX contain full orchestral and/or song compositions, broken down into stems or individual samples, with each instrumental stem and sample available in 7 different tonal variations (for example, one bass loop will be available in A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G).

Check out the MAGIX website for more details before purchasing.

If you are not sure what this application is for please do not purchase.


Your MAGIX key will be sent to you directly via EBAY message (no physical delivery)

MAGIX key will be delivered instantly!

Soundpool key redemption instructions for Producer Planet

NOTE: If you use the Music Maker in-app store to checkout the soundpool you must use up any remaining credits for that soundpool's genre first before you can apply a coupon code in your cart. For that reason we recommend utilizing the instructions below for the MAGIX Producer Planet website instead.


1. Go to your bundle page and click the link 'Redeem your Soundpool code' to go to the product page on the Producer Planet website.


2. Add the Commercial soundpool to your cart and click the green checkout button. You will be prompted to log into your MAGIX account if you are not logged in yet. 


3. Copy the code and click the green Redeem coupon link to apply your discount. 


4. Enter the code and click Next. 


5. You should now see the full price of the soundpool deducted from the cart. Click Buy Now to complete the order. 


6. You can download your soundpools from the 'My Products' section of the Producer Planet website.