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The Exploration Pack

To kickstart your Ylands adventures, the Exploration pack includes 4800 Coyns (19.99 EUR value) that you can spend on costumes, pets, blueprints and even your own dedicated servers.
Also included is the Explorer's costume and the Flying Elephant pet to aid you in your adventures.

You wake up on a deserted island with nothing but your wits and a craving for adventure.

Raw materials are scattered across the land and you can use them to fashion yourself tools, weapons, armour, machines...and a home. Once you've exhausted the resources in your immediate surroundings, construct a boat to sail to nearby islands, each having their unique biome, flora, fauna and challenges.

These islands are also home to creatures small and large, friendly and...less friendly. The further you explore the more twisted and mutated these creatures become, and they will hunt you. You will need not only a shelter to protect yourself from these predators and the elements, but a way to deal with them.

Deep within the crust of the land you will find Ylandium, a rare and mysterious material that will let you craft miraculous contraptions and will be the energy source to power your newly found industrial empire.

And once you've establish your base of operations, there are still other islands to find and explore, each with it's own biome, secrets and encounters. Bandits, pirates, Indians and mysterious structures await! As you sail the seas in your trusty ship, the true meaning of Exploration will finally set in.

In Exploration there is always something new on the horizon...

Exploration DLC features:
  • unlocks the Exploration game for Ylands
  • as well as a unique Costume, Pet and 4800 Coyns* for your account
  • play alone or with your friends
  • explore islands with unique and diverse biomes
  • collect, harvest and mine their natural resources
  • craft tools, weapons, armour, machines, ships, boats, houses and anything you can imagine
  • avoid or hunt the indigenous creatures of your surroundings
  • survive the night when the mutated versions of the local wildlife try to hunt you down
  • delve deep within the earth to mine Ylandium to power your new industrial empire

*: Coyns unlocked after two hours of playtime.


The developers describe the content like this:

Cartoon violence is present in the game.